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5 Top Data Quality Assurance Challenges Facing Defence IT

5 Top Data Quality Assurance Challenges Facing Defence IT Data quality assurance is incredibly important for ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness of defence IT operations. Having inaccurate or poor-quality data could negatively impact military operations and decision-making. Split second decisions in military operations can result in life or death. Hence, having accurate and reliable […]

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Automating Software Quality Assurance for Government Processes

The Role of Automation in Software Quality Assurance for Government Processes Automation tests for software quality assurance have increasingly become more common to deliver strong products. Particularly for governments always under pressure to perform efficiently and serve better. They must always stay on top of their game by being strategic in their approach, embracing new […]

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Human Machine-Teaming: AI Assurance Through Collaboration

Few agendas have come to characterise the mood of the decade in the way artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have. Capturing the gaze of virtually every industry built on knowledge work, the recent leaps and bounds in the technology’s innovative application have made fantastical contemplations of artificial sentience and their commercial use now begin to actualise on the precipice of implementation.

The Collective

KJR Leadership Track Program is back in 2023!

The Leadership Track Program is one of many training programs KJR offers for our consultants in the name of continual learning and development for the benefit of themselves, their team and clients. The program provides a select number of consultants with the opportunity to build their leadership skills and mindset so they can confidently lead their Collective and client teams in line with the KJR values of Explorer, Champion, Truth-Teller and Human.

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IoT Data Integrity in Government Defence IT Consulting

The rise in relevance of Big Data security concerns within the past decade has essentially been a tit-for-tat seesaw, matching the evolving dangers that have come from increased attack surfaces. The demands that defence IT consulting meet nowadays cannot be understated in today’s business arenas of consumer communications, account control and assessment of weaknesses, spanning entire structural vulnerabilities to considerations even beyond the bounds of the organisational business. 


The Rising Relevance of Digital Consulting and Testing-As-A-Service.

Our 21st century is defined by increasing interconnectedness, observable by a variety of world-shifting phenomena that have since changed how businesses approach product, internal structure, and their dynamics with their audience base.

The emergence of internet technologies has given rise to a world where digital spaces coexist with the physical. Sociologically speaking, these new tools in business practice have inadvertently given rise to a world where digital spaces change how we define healthy, functioning companies.

Events News

CCIQ Rallies QLD Businesses to Lead a Sustainable Business Agenda

This week KJR joined Business Chamber Queensland (formerly CCIQ) and various Queensland based businesses for their Business Matters event in Brisbane which focused on leading the sustainable business agenda for Queensland.

The conversation about sustainable innovation in the journey to the 2032 Brisbane Olympics was insightful and exciting as we join the efforts of developing a sustainable Queensland business legacy.